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Wild Life Removal

Do you have an unwanted houseguest?

Rely on us for racoon removal in Clifton Park, Queensbury, Latham & Saratoga Springs, NY

You might not spend too much time in your attic, crawl space or basement, but to racoons, skunks, and other critters native to Clifton Park, Queensbury, Latham & Saratoga Springs, NY areas, these spots are extremely inviting.


When you need racoon removal and other wildlife services, reach out to the Dunbar Pest Control team.

Using humane methods, we’ll remove any animals from your premises and return them to their natural habitats. 

Get a free estimate on your racoon removal and other services. Contact us today.

Rodent Removal

Request prompt rodent control services in clifton park, queensbury, latham, & saratoga springs, NY

Rid Your Home of Rats and Mice

If you’ve ever trapped one or two rats in your Clifton Park, Latham, Queensbury, or Saratoga Springs, NY area home or business facility, you might think you’ve taken care of the pest problem. Unfortunately, seeing one rodent is usually a sign that more are hiding nearby.

Luckily you can count on the Dunbar Pest Control professionals for  thorough and humane rodent control services. We’ll trap and remove rodents and seal your home against future reentry attempts. We also offer a monthly exterior baiting program.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on rodent exclusion services.

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Bat Removal


Need Help Getting Rid of Unwelcome Guests?

Bats are protected under New York law, so when you need bat removal services, turn to the specialists. Dunbar Pest Control has years of experience extracting bats from homes and businesses in Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, Latham and Queensbury, NY. You can count on us to clear the bats out of your home in no time.

Discuss your bat removal needs with a member of our team. Call us at (518) 420-4315 now.

Bird Removal

Don't Exterminate-Relocate

Choose a humane bird removal solution in Clifton Park, Queensbury, Latham & Saratoga Springs, NY

You might thrill to the sight of birds flying around outside your home or commercial property in the Clifton Park, Queensbury, Latham & Saratoga Springs, NY areas, but you don’t love having them inside. Depend on the pros at Dunbar Pest Control to take care of your bird problem safely with humane bird removal techniques. We’ll relocate birds outside with nesting material, so they can thrive and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Contact us now to get a free estimate on humane bird removal services.

Sharp Shinned Hawk
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Remediation Services

Did Wildlife Wreak Havoc In Your Home?

Depend on us for attic remediation services in Clifton Park, Queensbury, Latham & Saratoga Springs, NY

Has your attic been damaged after a run-in with a racoon or a family of squirrels? Clean up your space with attic remediation services from Dunbar Pest Control. Our crew can remove all traces of animal droppings, including soiled insulation, and install clean blown-in fiberglass insulation in your Clifton Park, Queensbury, Latham or Saratoga Springs, NY area home or commercial facility.

To get a free estimate on attic remediation services, contact us today.

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